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Made it: Trainini 1/2024

  • Created by Redaktion

Our first issue of the new year is published just in time for the end of the month. Packed with lots of topics, it's certainly worth a read.

Before we look ahead to new products and future construction projects, we take a look back at the past year. We remember the Advent meeting in Zell an der Mosel and take a look back at 2023. We would like to honour a courageous construction project for the old V 60 from Märklin, which Larry Schulz dared to undertake and which inspired many Zetties. Our annual focus topic for 2023 is also far from complete: Today sees the publication of what was originally planned as the last instalment, which means that the two delayed instalments have now finally been pushed back. Have fun reading!

Trainini German Magazine for Z Gauge International Edition - January 2024 - Issue 222 - Volume 20