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Märklin deliveries at the beginning of April

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April is still young, but Märklin is coming forward with five deliveries at once. Friends of the ÖBB, DB and the current museum railway scene are currently getting their money's worth.

These days, two novelties for friends of the ÖBB are reaching the dealers: The "Bubikopf" is coming forward as class 64 (item no. 88745) of this railway administration in Era III condition. Technically it is up to date, the design from 2014 is driven by means of a bell-shaped armature motor. On branch lines, the small tender steam locomotive can haul the three-part tank car pack for the Martha oil company (82320) for the same era. It consists of two-axle old-style tank cars with brakeman's platforms.

Only a small subset arrived so far from the MHI special series from autumn 2022: The light diesel locomotive of the class 212 of the German Federal Railways (88697) in the condition of the mid-eighties wears the ocean-blue-ivory-coloured paint that was common at that time and that "dresses" this locomotive type very well. Technical features include a bell-shaped armature motor and warm-white-red top or tail lighting. The factory has already sold out this series, so only the confirmed and as yet unsupplied orders of the dealers have been served.

After a first partial order it seems that the express steam locomotive class 01.5 (88019) as museum locomotive of the Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn (EFZ), Rottweil is now going ahead. The prototype of the 01 519 comes from the DR stock, but as a model from the museum locomotive series it reflects the operating condition of 2016 and is therefore to be classified in epoch VI. This is a new model that we will discuss in detail in an upcoming issue.

Finally, those who have dedicated themselves to the Bundesbahn era around 1963 are also considered: The train set "Deutsche Bundespost" (81341) is located in era III, consisting of a post office-owned V 36 in red, two boxcars Gmhs 53 (one with EUROP lettering) as well as a stake car Rmms 33 with brakeman's platform. A yellow Tempo tricycle is included as load for it.