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With Bahls to the model after all...

  • Created by Holger Späing

Märklin's 01 519 did not meet with enthusiastic customers everywhere, which is why there is a lot to be done. Michael Bahls immediately took on the task.

Unfortunately, some inconsistencies, weaknesses and missing parts spoil the joy of the new 01 519 from Märklin. Steam locomotive specialist Michael Bahls (Bahls Modelleisenbahnen) immediately took up the challenge and developed an add-on kit that eliminates the worst faults. Designed on the computer and produced by 3D printing, the small series manufacturer is ready for delivery in record time. His set of finishing parts is made up as follows:

  • Replica of the missing mixer preheater box
  • Reproduction of the three safety valves
  • Dome cover for the housing screw (2 included)

The kit can only be ordered from the 1zu220 shop, which also sells the basic model and can thus avoid additional postage costs for the customer.

© Bahls Modelleisenbahnen
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