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Märklin Insider Models 2023

  • Created by Holger Späing

Märklin has announced which wagon club members will receive as an annual gift and which new model they can look forward to exclusively (for the time being).

The annual wagon 2023, which Märklin Insider Club members will pay for with their membership fee, will be a two-axle box car of the Gl Dresden type (Item No. 80333) running for the electrical appliance manufacturer Saba, which is in service with the DB in Era IV. This is the fourth time since 2017 that Märklin has used this mold for an annual model!

The club model is again a novelty in form, which has met with a good response: The battery railcar class ETA 150 together with the driving trailer class ESA 150 (88250) in the operating condition around 1965, which means a crimson box livery as well as white aluminium as roof colour. The model, powered by a bell-type armature motor, shows direction-dependent head and tail lighting (warm white/red by means of LEDs), whereby the rear head light can be switched off in the formation. In addition, cab lighting and equipment are among the features.

Please note: The design was only completed shortly before publication and the CAD volume representation we show here is therefore not yet final in many features. Customers can look forward to a comparably sophisticated top model as the last new designs.

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