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Christmas can come...

  • Created by Redaktion

In keeping with the season, Trafofuchs has an atmospheric and lovingly realised novelty ready. Father, mother and two children are on their way to Christmas Mass in a horse-drawn sleigh on a scale of 1:220.

In addition to several other figures that have recently found their way onto the Trafofuchs pages, there is now a new addition to the range that fits in perfectly with the season: the horse-drawn sleigh. In it, a family of four is on its way to Christmas Mass to celebrate one of the highest festivals. In the product photo we show here, they are dressed in period clothing. However, if desired, the occupants can also be dressed according to earlier eras. This novelty is brand-new and will probably no longer be available to interested parties this Christmas - those who are interested and would like to create atmospheric winter scenes may consider this the first novelty of 2023 and look forward to it.


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