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Märklin models at the turn of the month

  • Created by Holger Späing

At the turn of the month from May to June, Märklin has delivered three new models. We present them briefly.

Right at the turn of the month May / June Märklin delivered the two-piece pocket wagon pack of the Hupac (item no. 82273). The two, grey painted Sdkmms type carrying wagons each carry a truck semi-trailer of the Swiss haulage companies "Planzer" and "Schöni". Shortly before, the grey painted Vectron class EU-46 / class 370 of PKP Cargo (88237) in Era VI condition came on the market.

A welcome addition to the layout is DB's 50 1019 (88846) with cabin tender. The Era III model is the first Z-gauge reproduction of a three-domed version of this class. The model made of brass investment casting impresses not only as a mould variant but also with the window frame printing on all sides of the tender cabin.