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Wiebe train with V 320 on the market

  • Created by Holger Späing

Shortly after the Insider Club model 2022, Märklin also delivered the first variant of the V 320 in the normal programme.

Since March 2000, the former V 320 was back on German rails: Wiebe had re-imported it, refurbished it and used it in construction train service. It was designated "WIEBE 7" with the vehicle number 320 001-1 and was mainly responsible for transporting heavy loads of trains with track construction material. A damaged wheelset bearing meant that it had to be withdrawn from service in 2015. Märklin has issued this diesel locomotive of the private track construction company H.F. Wiebe together with two Fcs side unloading cars and two Res low side cars as a construction train set (item no. 81320) and has now delivered it.

The wagons appear with Wiebe logos, but largely familiar. The locomotive model again makes a good impression overall, but has the same weaknesses as the Insider locomotive, which we will explain in more detail in the upcoming test (Trainini 6/2023). The wide variation in quality of the V 320 models is shocking. While most of the specimens seem to be okay, both of the test samples we have had show serious defects that, much to our surprise, do not seem to have been noticed before delivery.