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Märklin: wireless control

  • Created by Holger Späing

Märklin has started to deliver the Mobile Station WLAN and the corresponding receiver box.

Märklin has just started delivering the Mobile Station WLAN (art. no. 60667). If the device is not operated with a Central Station, the WLAN receiver box (60117) is still required for operation. Only a first tranche of both has been made available so far, at the moment they are not available ex works. So it will probably take a few weeks until all customers have access to them.

The WLAN receiver box also makes it possible to couple the Start-Up infrared control units in addition to the wireless MS and to integrate them for system operation. In total, it can couple up to four MS WLAN.

Configuring the devices should be easy via a web application or Central Station. We will test the devices extensively and report on our experiences with regard to Spur-Z requirements in the monthly magazine.