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Welcome reinforcement

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In order to bridge bottlenecks in the editorial work, we have been able to gain energetic and experienced help. Today we introduce the man of the hour!

The editorial team's resource situation is strained, as a business enterprise would say at this point. We are not one, but for almost five months we have been experiencing increasing time bottlenecks. This is only partly due to changes in editorial planning, for example due to delays in delivery by manufacturers, which can lead not only to individual topics but also to the postponement of entire issues.

Our "distress", however, results mainly from other circumstances: Repeatedly we had to compensate for absences due to illness, sometimes over several months. Also, the holidays of members of the editorial team sometimes result in unfilled roles, i.e. unjustifiable tasks. For a long time, we have therefore been looking internally - including the entire team of editors, translators and Trainini TV - for options to solve the special tasks without a loss of quality. Today we are pleased to announce that we have found a reinforcement.

Harald Fried, whose name may be familiar to some readers from the Märklin 2022 anniversary book, will support and strengthen our editorial team, initially on a temporary basis. He will mainly be taking on the task of proofreading, but would like to look around and contribute wherever he can and enjoys doing so. A personal meeting is planned for the next video conference of the whole team in September.

If it suits everyone involved, Harald has the option of joining the editorial team permanently if he wishes, and contributing his knowledge and skills for our readers. From his professional life, he brings years of relevant experience in the fields of marketing and public relations. When the time comes, he will certainly introduce himself personally to our readers.

Until then, we say: welcome and here's to success!

Harald Fried