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Many Märklin deliveries

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Christmas business is picking up speed: Märklin is delivering a whole range of new products in one go. And a lot more is planned for this month and next.

As many as seven new items arrived at model railway dealers at the beginning of November, at least in the form of a first instalment. This named partial delivery concerns the wagon pack reversible train (item no. 87074), consisting of two three-axle conversion wagons and a "Hasenkasten" (Bunny Box) for Era III. The prototype train was used in the sixties in the area of the BD Essen. It includes the completely delivered class 78 tank steam locomotive (88068), which has now received a white-red light change for the first time and has thus been adapted for push-pull traffic.

The three-part wagon set consisting of the Tams 886 rolling roof wagon (86682) has also been delivered in full, the Christmas wagon (80633) and the 50 2412 tender locomotive (88847) with a Christmas design on the tender and Witte wind deflectors. The Märklin magazine car 2023 (80833), which is modelled on a Sgns 691 carrying car, is also completely available from the dealers. This wagon is a new design that also arrived a few days later as a traffic red three-pack from Deutsche Bahn AG (82640).

Two of the wagons are loaded with 40 and 20-foot containers from the Maersk and ONE shipping companies. The finely engraved freight wagons make a very good impression overall, but also have some minor weaknesses, which we will discuss in detail in the December issue, when we will also briefly discuss the prototypes of this still relatively new design.



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