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"Message Wagon" for Z gauge

  • Created by Redaktion

At the beginning of March, Märklin also offered a model for Z scale for the first time in its "Message Wagons" series. This model is now being delivered to customers.

A covered freight car of the "Dresden" type is the carrier of the first art design for a so-called "Message Wagon" from Märklin (Item No. 82931). The model, which could be ordered directly from the manufacturer at the beginning of March in a previously determined but not published edition, will be delivered to the purchasers in these days. The model, colored by UV digital printing, is dedicated to the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, who died in July 1890. One side of the wagon is decorated with the motif of the famous painting "Cornfield with Crows", which is one of his last works, the opposite side is decorated with color hatching and a quote attributed to him.