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Message Wagons: part 2

  • Created by Holger Späing

Märklin has started to deliver the second "Message Wagon" to the successful customers. Again it is dedicated to the artist Vincent van Gogh.

In the meantime, the second "Message Wagon" from Märklin for Z gauge (art. no. 82932) is on its way to the successful orderers. Again it is dedicated to the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. In common with the first wagon it has the basic structure, the type of packaging and the fact that a quotation from the artist reproduces the "message", which is the core element of this collector's series. The motif and choice of colours, however, are fundamentally different. This time, the focus is on the love of nature, which was a central element of Vincent van Gogh's work and should be more topical than ever as a message for everyone today.

We show the very appealing wagon here from both sides and with its closed box. In Trainini 11/2023 we want to bring it and the artist a little more into focus.