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Modellbahn Union: Wilhelminian period in relief

  • Created by Redaktion

Modellbahnunion has introduced nine new relief houses for Z scale. Made of hard cardboard, they are available immediately.

The nine new half-relief town houses of the Modellbahnunion in Kamen are made in the style of the Wilhelminian period. The buildings for the rear edge of the layout are modelled on houses that were mostly uniformly built at the time and only stood out from one another due to their differently designed façades. A three-storey town house can be built from each of the different kits, which are laser-cut from solid-coloured hard cardboard. The façades of the buildings, which come in the colours grey (art. no. MU-Z-H00191, MU-Z-H00192 & MU-Z-H00195), white (MU-Z-H00196, MU-Z-H00197 & MU-Z-H00200) and sandstone (MU-Z-H00201, MU-Z-H00202 & MU-Z-H00205), are elaborately engraved and show many beautiful details, which at the same time make the difference in the streetscape. All the houses in the series can be connected together to form a complete street.

Farbe "Sandstein" (MU-Z-H00202) © Modellbahn Union
Farbe "Grau" (MU-Z-H00192) © Modellbahn Union
Farbe "Weiß" (MU-Z-H00197) © Modellbahn Union
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