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New episode of Trainini TV for St. Nicholas Day

  • Created by Holger Späing

For St. Nicholas Day we were able to publish the long announced episode 8 on Trainini TV. In it we show how the diorama "Am Haarstrang" came into being, which impressions found their way into it and how they were implemented.

In the three issues from September to November 2022, we described the construction of the diorama "Am Haarstrang". What started as work in the context of occupational therapy has developed into a handsome showpiece. In episode 8 of Trainini TV

we show the construction from the first ideas to the finished model. In the process, things play a role that our magazine articles would like to miss out on. For example, we demonstrate in detail how we gained experience with a new putty that will certainly accompany us in future work. You can access episode 8 directly via the following link: