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All spring novelties in Trainini 2/2023

  • Created by Redaktion

Six weeks of research and hard work have paid off: we have compiled the 2023 Z gauge spring novelties for you.

As in previous years, it took a lot of effort, even more time and hard work to compile what the Z gauge manufacturers have in store for our readers and their customers in spring 2023. The result is in front of you as of today: Trainini 2/2023. But we also introduce you to a new aircraft model with appealing photos, which also played an important role in German-German history. This new issue also includes a richly illustrated report from the model railway exhibition in Bad Schwartau, where the nominal size Z was particularly well represented. And behind our two book recommendations are two real "top-class" books! We have to thank our readers for their feedback, which helps us to balance your wishes and ideas against our editorial plans - thank you very much for that. And now enjoy reading!

Trainini German Magazine for Z Gauge International Edition - February 2023 - Issue 211 - Volume 19