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Faller: Overview of the autumn new products

  • Created by Holger Späing

Faller has also announced its autumn novelties. In addition to two Z-gauge kits, other products are also interesting for Z-gauge railway enthusiasts.

The new products brochure is 32 pages long, from which we have extracted for you the autumn new products from Faller that may appeal to Z-gauge railway enthusiasts. On the one hand, there are of course two new kits for our scale.

The "Langwies" station (Item No. 282702) is a replica of the original station that sits enthroned along the picturesque Arosa/Rhaetian Railway in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Soon it will be able to decorate 1:220 scale layouts in its alpine and wooden style. Its appearance will not necessarily remind those not familiar with the area of a reception building, which also allows for different uses. Like the first building, the complementary alpine house "Langwies" (282772) is a laser-cut kit.

Other novelties are aids and tools: a separate figure glue (170485), a pick & place tool (170557) for precise placement of smallest parts and a non-magnetic tweezers (170558). The soldering and work station with magnifying lamp (170556) can be helpful for many tasks, as it offers many possibilities for holding, fixing or positioning the object to be worked on.

Bahnhof "Langwies" (282702) © Faller
Alpenhaus "Langwies" (282772) © Faller
Löt- und Arbeitsstation mit Lupenlampe (170556) © Faller